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Europen Business Awards

8th December 2014, Heeswijk, Netherlands

FDN engineering & construction has been selected as a National Champion representing The Netherlands in the 2014/15 European Business Awards, and is representing The Netherlands in The UKTI Award for innovation category. As a National Champion, FDN will go on to compete in the second phase in which all European countries are involved.

Symposium UHSB 2014

27th February 2014, Delft, Netherlands

Once a year, FDN organises a symposium at the TU Delft about Ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced concrete UHPFRC. The symposium consists of several interesting presentations both from the business and academic fields.  

MKB Innovation Top 100

11th June 2014, Utrecht, Netherlands

The Chamber of Commerce, Mercedes-Benz and NRC Media presented the rankings of the most innovative Dutch companies. FDN was placed on excellent 17th position for its unique design of modular Ultrabridges. 

FiB Congress Mumbai 2014

10-14th February 2014, Mumbai, India

FDN actively participated at one of the largest international congresses dedicated to concrete structures. The FDN Ultrabridge has obtained a special Mention Award for Outstanding Concrete structures, which was awarded during the main ceremony.

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