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FDN (Functional Design Netherlands) is an innovative engineering & construction group located in The Netherlands. FDN was founded in 1996 for the development of innovative Civil Technologies. FDN has developed and applied many innovative technologies internationally, provided civil engineering consultancy services, and specialised in sustainable and durable projects. Examples are the floating constructions such as harbours, seaports, marinas and breakwaters and Ultra High Performance Concrete bridges and structures.

FDN has received many international awards for its developments and projects.


Our Team for Ultrabridges


FDN’s team for Ultrabridges is based on an effective, hard-working group of engineers, who offer clients the full package of services from design, construction to maintenance for a period of up to 100 years. This makes an enormous difference from other engineering and construction companies. Our team consists of both experienced and young enthusiastic engineers.

Dil Tirimanna
Managing director

Dil is over 18 years in leading and managing position in FDN. He has supervised the whole development of the project regarding the Ultrabridges. His innovative and practical ideas contributed to general success of this project. His broad knowledge together with professional attitude towards clients is the key value that FDN can offer.



Gatot Supranoto
Senior structural engineer 

Gatot has an extensive design and project management background in structural engineering; industrial structures, bridge engineering and port/marina design. He has more than 20 years of practical experience in structural design in various phases from conceptual to detail engineering of global large scale projects.



Laksri Jayathilake
Structural Engineer/designer

Let's Meet

Laksri is in charge of optimization of Ultrabridges. He is responsible to design Ultrabridges having more slender with more options for shape of the railing. His aim is to design bridges more attractive with maximal utilization of UHPFRC properties. This can be reached only through a sophisticated computer modelling accompanied with broad knowledge about structural behavior.


"We're an engineering and construction company with international experience. We look forward to meeting you and helping you define your goals and develop solutions - and realize them!"

- Dil Tirimanna, FDN Group

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